Jeannie Chen

Food & prop styling, Culinary producer

Video Styling

Worked closely with brands to create video and stills for content for them to use. 

Clients have included Tabasco, Buzz and Bloom Honey, Hunts Tomato products, Bertolli products, Chobani, Haagen Daz, and Reynold's products.

Still Pictures

I have helped clients with photographing luscious looking food! 

Clients include Fine Cooking Magazine, Chobani, Alli, Kohl's kitchen products 

Show Stylist

I have years of experience as a food stylists on culinary shows, and being the right-hand person to talents on set.

Clients include Food Network The Kitchen, Chopped and Reality Cupcake, Amazon Daily Deals, and number of other shows on Food Network. And have also included satellite media tours. 

Culinary Producer

Worked closely with producers to help create scripts, recipes and content for shows.

Shows include Food Network Chopped Junior, High School Barbecue Compeition and Reality Cupcake, Discover's Go Ahead and Make My Dinner! 

Prop Styling

Need to do prop styling along with the food? Not a problem! I offer this as well.

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